Kokiri Forest

Deku Tree

Castle Town

Quality AssuranceEdit

These regions have been completed, but we need your help identifying any bugs they might have. Help us out by exploring them!

Forest Temple

Water Temple

Shadow Temple

Lake Hylia

Nearly There!Edit

These regions have a complete overworld, but may need a little extra work (including adding holes).

Kakariko Village

Hyrule Castle

Lost Woods

In progressEdit

These regions are a work in progress.

Hyrule Field

Future PlansEdit

We have not yet started building these regions. Let us know which ones you think should come first!

Zora's River

Zora's Domain

Zora's Fountain

Gerudo Valley

Gerudo Fortress

Haunted Wasteland

Desert Colossus

Lon Lon Ranch

Death Mountain

Death Mountain Crater

Goron City

Dodongo's Cavern

Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Chamber of Sages

Fire Temple

Spirit Temple

Ganon's Castle

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